Tour dates 1998

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If you know of dates I haven't included, or if some dates and/or places are wrong, please mail me

16th: Glasgow

24th: Bedworth
25th: Hanley
26th: Fleetwood
27th: Tyneside
28th: Harrogate
29th: Bradford
30th: Middlesbrough

1st: Bolton
2nd: Dudley
3rd: Aberystwyth
4th: Bangor
5th: Nottingham
6th: Doncaster
7th: Rhyl
8th: Warrington
9th: Northampton
20th: Eastbourne
21st: Bury-St.Edmunds
22nd: King's Lynn
23rd: Aylesbury
24th: London
25th: Oxford
26th: Malvern
27th: Poole
28th: Plymouth
29th: Truro,Cornwall
30th: Barnstaple
31st: Bath

1st: Cheltenham
18th: Florø,Norway
19th: Florø,Norway (2 concerts)
20th: Arna,Norway
21st: Arna,Norway
29th: Mallorca
30th: Mallorca

10th: Isle of Man
16th: Dundee
17th: Lanark

5th-6th Norway
7th: Kabelvåg, Norway
8th: Oslo, Norway

1st: Budapest
2nd: Ljubljana
3rd: Finkenstein
4th: Lienz
5th: Feldbach
6th: Klam
7th: Vienna
8th: Vienna
9th: Vienna
10th: Graz
11th: Oslip
12th: Wiener Neustadt
13th: St.Pölten
26th: Julich, Germany
27th: Sittard, Netherlands
28th: Utrecht,
29th: Rotterdam
30th: Eindhoven

2nd: Markelo
3rd: Slagharen
4th: Nijmwegen
5th: Amsterdam
6th: Groningen
8th: Drachten - De Lawei
9th: Ettelbrück
10th: Bergen op Zoom
11th: Haarlem
17th: Barcelona
25th: Wernesgrün
26th: TBA
27th: Losheim
28th: Mannheim
29th: Taunusstein
30th: Steinheim
31th: Arnsberg

1st: Duisburg
2nd: Lünen
3rd: Cologne
4th: Siegen
5th: TBA
6th: Bamberg
7th: Nürnberg
8th: Munich
9th: Stuttgart
10th: TBA
21st: Düsseldorf
22nd: Frankfurt
23rd: Friedrichsdorf
24th: Munster
25th: Leipzig
26th: Wolfsburg
27th: Bielefeld
28th: TBA
29th: Pahlen
30th: Kiel

1st: Lübeck
2nd: Hannover
3rd: Aurich
4th: Bremen
5th: Hamburg

13th: Dublin ,The Point, with Ronnie Drew, Shane MacGowan & the Popes, Siobhan MacGowan
Tickets on sale now : Phone 00353 1 4569569

Last update: October 2nd 1998 
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