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Eamonn Campbell

Romantic Rhapsody (Harmac HM 33 1987) Romantic Rhapsody

  1. Speak softly Love
  2. You don't send me Flowers
  3. Romance
  4. Eternally
  5. Recuerdos de la Alahambra
  6. David's Theme
  7. If I loved you
  8. Moon River

  9. Lara's Theme
  10. Edelweiss
  11. Cavatina
  12. Go Thoughts on golden Wings
  13. Only Love
  14. Come back to Sorrento
  15. Isle of Inisfree
  16. As Time goes by


Fran St. Claire - Take My Hand (Olympic Records OBL 114 1977) EC: Guitars

Thanks to Tom Gilboy

John Sheahan and Michael Howard:
In our own Time
(Baycourt BAY 39 1987)
EC: Guitars

City Ramblers - Flight of Earls (Harmac HM 21 1987)
EC: Guitars, Mandolin

Thanks to Tom Gilboy

Paddy Reilly:
Sings the Songs of Ewan MacColl
(Harmac HM 65 1990)
EC: Guitars (the album was also produced by Eamonn Campbell)

Finbar Fury:
The Wind and the Rain
(K-Tel ECD 3371 1997)
EC: Guitars

The Chieftains and Friends:
Long Journey Home
(Film Score, Unisphere Records 09026 68963 1998)
Paddy's Lamentation/Ships are sailing
EC: Guitar, mandolin

Sen Cannon

Woes of War (Mount MRS 10 MC 1975)

  1. The Kerry Recruit
  2. Peat Bog Soldiers
  3. Dancing at Whitsun
  4. Johhny I hardly know yer
  5. Carrig down
  6. What did the Wife of the Soldier get
  7. Universal Soldier
  8. Plains of Waterloo
  9. The Drum
  10. Hills of Shiloh
  11. Arthur McBride

The Roving Journeyman (Cottage COT 411 1977)

  1. The Roving Journeyman
  2. Wild Rover
  3. My Lagan Love
  4. The Green Fields of Canada
  5. The Banks of the Bann

  6. When a Man's in Love
  7. Sally Gardens
  8. Merrily kiss the Quakers Wife
  9. Lambs on the green Hills
  10. Song for Ireland

Erin the Green (Ogham BLB 5004 1980)

  1. The Banks of the Bann
  2. Siuil Arun
  3. The Bay of Biscay
  4. The Yellow Bittern
  5. The Redhaired Man's Wife
  6. Ned of the Hill
  7. The Bonny Bunch of Roses
  8. Erin the Green


The Gaels (1969)
The Maid of the Sweet brown Knowe
SC: Vocals, Guitar

The Deightons:
Late down the Line

Memphis Tennessee
SC: Vocals

The Wild Irish Lassies:
Magic Power

Colm Cille na Feile

Ronnie Drew

Ronnie Drew (Ram RMLP 1017 1976)

  1. James Larkin
  2. Whack fol da diddle
  3. Van Diemens Land
  4. When Margaret was eleven
  5. The Irish Rover
  6. Hi for the Beggarman
  7. Building up and tearing England down

Guaranteed (Dolphin DOLM 5021 1978)

Guaranteed Dubliner

  1. Dublin City Theme
  2. The Mero
  3. Johnny McGory
  4. Gas from a Burner
  5. Easy and slow
  6. Second World
  7. Gunner McGee

  8. Peace, The Band played Waltzing Matilda
  9. O'Duffy's Ironsides
  10. Do you remember Jem?
  11. Barney Brown
  12. The British Army
  13. The Captains and the Kings
  14. The Dandelion Market
  15. The Departed Man, Danny Farrell

Dirty Rotten Shame (Columbia 481413 1995)
Dirty Rotten Shame

  1. Gardiner Street Blues
  2. Eurolations
  3. Do you want my Job?
  4. The Dunes
  5. One last cold Kiss
  6. Dirty Rotten Shame
  7. Drinkin' in the Day
  8. Viva la quinte Brigada
  9. Happy as a Baby
  10. Far off Fields
  11. True Ron Ron
  12. Brothers in Arms

The Humour is on me now (Dolphin TOLCD 10 1999)
The Humour is on me now

  1. The Humour is on me now
  2. Always Remember
  3. Since Maggie went away
  4. Red Roses for me
  5. Limerick Rake
  6. Clearing a Space
  7. Ragland Road
  8. If ever you go to Dublin Town
  9. Courtin' in the Kitchen
  10. Two Island Swans
  11. The Dunes
  12. The Black Velvet Band
  13. The Dingle Puck Goat
  14. We had it all


5000 Bergeners
(Spoil Rec. SPLP 100 1978)
Sky is the Limit
RD: Vocals

Mike Hanrahan: (1994) We had it all
RD: Vocals

Gilles Servat:
Sur les Quais de Dublin
The Foggy Dew
Dirty old Town
RD: Vocals

Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart:
The Celtic Poets
(30HZcd1 1997)
The Dunes
A man I knew
London Rain
Bagpipe Music
Gone in the Wind
RD: Vocals

Luke Kelly

Thank you for the Days (Ram RMS 1001 1973)

1. Thank you for the Days
2. The Sun is burning
LK: Vocals, 5-string banjo

Thank you for the Days - Luke Kelly (Ferndale Films FM0001 1999)

01. McAlpine's Fusiliers
02. Walking in the Dew
03. The Rocky Road to Dublin
04. The Kerry Recruit
05. The Galway Races
06. The Brown and the Yellow Ale
07. The Hot Asphalt
08. The Jolly Tinker
09. Come my little Son
10. Thank you for the Days

Liam Clancy:
Liam Clancy
(Vanguard CV 79169 1965)
The Rocky Road to Dublin
LK: Vocals

Bobby Lynch

From the Land of Carolan

Jim McCann

McCanned (Polydor 2489-053 1972)

  1. Carrol Bawn
  2. Streets of London
  3. I used to know you
  4. Gospel Changes

Jim McCann (Hawk HALP 1016 1979)

  1. Copper Kettle
  2. Blow the Candle out
  3. The Rare old Times
  4. The Grey Sea Strand
  5. The Town is not their own
  6. Alone
  7. From Clare to Here
  8. Follow me up to Carlow
  9. My Old Man
  10. Weather the Storm
  11. Her Father didn't like me anyway

Live (RTE RTE-68 1982)

Grace (Lunar LNLP 7013 198?)

From Tara to Here (K-Tel)

  1. The Battle of Clontarf
  2. Rocks of Bawn
  3. R s do bheatha bhaile
  4. Boulavogue
  5. Daniel O'Connel
  6. The Famine Song/Skibbereen
  7. The West's Awake
  8. Come to the Bower
  9. Meet me at the Pillar
  10. The Town I loved so well
  11. For the Roses

Barney McKenna

The Boys of the Lough:
Good Friends Good Music
(Transatlantic TRA 354 1977)
Breton Wedding March/The Wild Irishman/The Scholar
BMcK: Banjo

John Sheahan and Michael Howard:
In our own Time
(Baycourt BAY 39 1987)
BMcK: Mandolin

Shane MacGowan & the Popes:
The Snake
(ZTT 4509-98104 1994)
BMcK: Banjo

The Wild Irish Lasses:
Magic Power

I wish I had someone to love me
BMcK: Vocals

Common Ground
The Night before Larry was stretched
BMcK: Banjo

The Chieftains - Water from the Well (BMG 2000)
Within a Mile from Dublin
BMcK: Banjo

Paddy Reilly

The Life of Paddy Reilly (Dolphin 1971)

  1. The Coming of the Road
  2. Come to the Bower
  3. James Connolly
  4. Spancil Hill
  5. Sam Hall
  6. James Larkin
  7. Deportees
  8. Dollymount Strand
  9. The Lark in the Morning
  10. Irish Soldier Boy
  11. Matt Hyland
  12. Orange & the Green

At Home (Dolphin 1971)

  1. Come Out Ye Black & Tans
  2. Four Green Fields
  3. Silver in the Stubble
  4. Peggy Gordon
  5. The Foggy Dew
  6. Kelly the Boy from Killane
  7. Joe Hill
  8. A Nation Once Again
  9. Blackwaterside
  10. The Limerick Rake
  11. Anach Cuin
  12. Salford Town

The Town I loved so well (Dolphin 1975)

  1. The Flower of Sweet Strabane
  2. The Cliffs of Doonen
  3. The Hills of Kerry
  4. The Galway Races
  5. Rathcliff Highway
  6. Come up the Stairs
  7. The Town I Loved So Well
  8. Arthur Mc Bride
  9. Autumn Has Come
  10. I Once Loved a Lass
  11. Bold Tenant Farmer
  12. Sweet Carnlough Bay
  13. There Has to be an End to It Someday
  14. The Moving Along Song

Fields of Athenry (Dolphin 1983)

  1. Fields of Athenry
  2. Farewell to Nova Scotia
  3. The Galtee Mountain Boy
  4. Farewell to the Rhonda
  5. John O' Dreams
  6. Scorn Not His Simplicity
  7. The Crack was 90 in the Isle of Man
  8. Dancing at Whitsun
  9. Mulligan & Me
  10. Jim Larkin
  11. Bunch of Thyme

Come back Paddy Reilly (Rathcoole Records 1984)

  1. My Lovely Rose of Clare
  2. Wind in the Willows
  3. Sunshine of Your Smile
  4. Hills of Greymore
  5. Snowy Breasted Pearl
  6. Rose of Allendale
  7. Come Back Paddy Reilly
  8. Down by the Sally Gardens
  9. Raglan Road
  10. O'Connell's Steam Engine
  11. Mary from Dungloe
  12. The Old Rustic Bridge

The old Refrain (Dolphin 1984)

  1. Beautiful Dreamer
  2. Champions at Keeping Them Rolling
  3. The Galway Races
  4. This Town Is Not Their Own
  5. Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore
  6. Farewell to Dublin
  7. Only Her Rivers Run Free
  8. Derroll in the Rain
  9. The Old Man's Song
  10. Bunclody

Paddy Reilly Now (Lunar Rec JBLP 007 1988)

  1. Flight of Earls
  2. Black Velvet Band
  3. Pat Murphy's Meadow
  4. Little Grey Home in the West
  5. After All These Years
  6. McAlpine's Fusiliers
  7. Song for Ireland
  8. Star of the County Down
  9. Grace
  10. The Green Island
  11. There Were Roses
Sings the Songs of Ewan MacColl (Harmac HM 65 1990)
Produced by Eamonn Campbell
  1. The Shoals of Herring
  2. Dirty Old Town
  3. Hot Asphalt
  4. The Lags' Song
  5. School Days End
  6. Go Down you Murderers
  7. Free Born Man
  8. Come me little Son

  9. The First Time ever I saw your Face
  10. I'm a Rambler
  11. The Ballad of Springhill
  12. Thirty Foot Trailer
  13. Moving on Song
  14. I'm a Champion at keeping 'em rolling
  15. Sweet Thames, flow softly
Gold and Silver Days (RTE RTE-144 1991)
Produced by Eamonn Campbell

  1. Dirty Old Town
  2. Rose of Mooncoin
  3. Festival of Galway
  4. Leaving Nancy
  5. Scorn Not His Simplicity
  6. Safe in the Harbor
  7. The Emigrant's Letter
  8. Slievenamon
  9. Song for Ireland
  10. The Wild Rover
  11. Kilty
  12. The Gartan Mother's Lullaby
  13. Flight of Earls
  14. Working Man
  15. The Dublin Minstrel
  16. Neidin
  17. Rare Ould Times
  18. Heaven Around Galway Bay
  19. Dublin, My Dublin
  20. Isle of Inisfree

John Sheahan

John Sheahan and Michael Howard:
In our own Time
(Baycourt BAY 39 1987)

  1. The Marino Waltz
  2. A Trip to Zurich
  3. Spanish Point
  4. The Midnigh Oil
  5. The Ha'penny Bridge
  6. The Celtic Dervish

  7. Knights of old
  8. The Prodigal Son
  9. Autumn in Paris
  10. The Sugarloaf Mountain Rag
  11. The Humours of Peacockstown
  12. Green Fields


Ronnie Drew:
(Dolphin DOLM 5021 1978)
JS: Fiddle, Tin Whistle, Mandolin

Jim McCann:
Jim McCann
(Hawk HALP 1016 1979)
JS: Fiddle, Tin Whistle

Kate Bush:
Hounds of Love
(EMI CDP 7461642 1985)
Jig of Life
A Dream of Sheep
JS: Fiddle, Tin Whistle

City Ramblers - Flight of Earls (Harmac HM 21 1987)
JS: Whistles, Fiddle

Thanks to Tom Gilboy

Kate Bush:
The Sensual World
(EMI CDP 7930782 1989)
The Sensual World
JS: Fiddle

Shane MacGowan & the Popes:
The Snake
(ZTT 4509-98104 1994)
JS: Fiddle, Tin Whistle

Whipping Boy:
(Sony 480281 1995)
JS: Fiddle

Hans Thessink:
Crazy Moon
Sail away
JS: Tin Whistle

Finbar Fury:
The Wind and the Rain
(K-Tel ECD 3371 1997)
JS: Fiddle

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