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Who:Seán Cannon
Born:Nov 29th 1940 in Galway
Lead vocal, guitar
Member of the Dubliners: 1982-

Seán Cannon was born in Galway Nov 29th 1940. Very early he started to travel around Europe, he went rambling in England, Germany, Switzerland and Spain, one of the reasons why Seán can speak so many languages. He moved to England (where he still lives), and became a renowned solo artist, playing in almost every folk club in Britain. Seán had known the Dubliners for years and, like Eamonn Campbell, joined them on stage on numerous occasions. When Luke Kelly became ill, he stepped in, and became a full time Dubliner in 1982. Seán still manages to do some solowork in beween the touring, and he has also released some superb albums.

Seán Cannon's soloalbums

Seán and James Cannon Live 1999:
9th: London

19th: Ameide (NL)
20th: Rilland Bath (NL)
21st: Oosterleek (NL)

1st: Croatia

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