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Ronnie Drew 1996 Who: Ronnie Drew
Born: September 16th 1934 in Dublin. Died: August 16th, 2008
Lead vocal and guitar
Member of the Dubliners: 1962-1974 & 1979-1995

Founded the Dubliners as "the Ronnie Drew Folk Group" in 1962 when he came back from Spain where he had worked as a teacher. There are not many voices more distinctive than that of Ronnie Drew, described as "the sound of coke being crushed under a door", and "being capable of cutting cheese". Left the Dubliners for a period in 1974 when he wanted to go solo. He released two solo albums and did concerts as a soloartist and with other bands, but seemed to be more in than out of the Dubliners, so he came back in 1979, and stayed until he finally left in December 1995 to pursue a solocareer.

Life after the Dubliners: Ronnie Drew wanted a bit of change before it was to late, and left the Dubliners. He was tired of being constantly on the road, and singing the same old songs over and over again. He released his magnificent album "Dirty Rotten Shame" in September 1995, and has been touring with different bands, and guitarist Mike Hanrahan. He has appeared with De Dannan on tour in Europe, he has been playing with the French artist Gilles Servat (with whom he also has recorded), In April 1997, he toured Italy with pianist Antonio Breschi, and in May 1997 he toured in Australia and New Zealand with Donal Lunny and his band. Ronnie Drew was also a special guest on Jah Wobble's album "The Celtic Poets". Ronnie Drew is often to be seen at charity-concerts. The performance with Niall Toibin "The Bells of Hell" was a great success in 1996, and the cabaret "Ronnie I hardly knew ya" was equally so in July 1997. Ronnie Drew 1979 In 1998, Ronnie has been busy touring with his show "Ronnie, I hardly knew ya", he is starring in the BBC production "The Ambassador" together with his son Phelim, and he has recorded a new solo album. If it becomes half as good as "Dirty Rotten Shame", it'll be a classic. The album, called "The Humour is on me now" will be out soon on Dara Records. Ronnie is still touring with his show "Ronnie I hardly knew ya" and can be seen in Spain and USA in May/June 1999.
On July 19th, Ronnie's new soloalbum "The Humour is on me now" was launched. Ronnie has also got his own website, which will be updated regularly. www.ronniedrew.com
So Ronnie Drew is busier than ever, and may he be so for many years to come.

Ronnie Drew's soloalbums
Ronnie Drew - Dirty Rotten Shame








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