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Who: John Sheahan
Born: May 19th 1939 in Dublin
Fiddle, tin whistle, mandolin, concertina, guitar
Member of the Dubliners: 1964- John Sheahan 1967

playing traditional music with different Ceilíbands and Bobby Lynch in the early sixties. This was how he and Bobby were introduced to the Dubliners. When Luke Kelly left the Dubliners in 1964, John and Bobby joined for "a couple of concerts"! Luke returned after a year, Bobby left, and the "original five" were together. John is fond of any type of music, a period he played a lot of bluegrass tunes, but also loves classic and jazz. Also John has composed a number of very fine tunes, some of which may be heard on different Dubliners albums, others on John's album with guitarist Michael Howard "In our own time". The Marino Waltz has become a very well known tune, after it was used in a TV-commercial in Ireland. Also, John has joined numerous artists' records, and he has also produced an album for Donal McDonald. Even after all his work and success with The Dubliners, John Sheahan is probably one of the most underrated musicians in Ireland.

John Sheahan's soloalbum

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