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Who: Eamonn Campbell
Born:Nov 29th. 1946 in Drogheda
Guitar, 5-string banjo, mandolin
Member of the Dubliners:1988-

Eamonn Campbell was born in Drogheda Nov 29th. 1946. He became a professional musician in 1965 when he started playing with Dermot O'Brien and the Clubmen. He knew Barney McKenna and John Sheahan, and used to jam with them, and he soon became a friend of the whole group. In 1972 he became a studio musician, and started to do orchestral scores. He also started producing records, and is today regarded as the finest producers/arrangers in Ireland. Eamonn joined the Dubliners on numerous occations as a guest, especially when Luke Kelly became ill. The first Dubliners album he produced was 25 Years Celebration, and it was Eamonn's idea that the Dubliners and the Pogues should get together. In 1988, Eamonn joined the Dubliners full time, but still manages to produce albums for other artists (and the Dubliners) in between the busy touring schedule.
One night, a man shouted to Luke Kelly:" Hey you wooly head", whereupon Luke quickly replied:"At least I've only got my wool on the outside". This must also apply to Eamonn. His hair is world famous, but inside there is not much wool to be found. Eamonn joining the Dubliners is possibly the most important happening in the last 15 years of the Dubliners history. He gave them a new life. Everyone who has seen him on stage can safely say that he is very important to the group. Without him, the Dubliners would probably not be here today.

Eamonn Campbell's soloalbum

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