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CiarŠn Bourke

Who: CiarŠn Bourke
Born: February 18th 1935 Died: May 10th 1988
Lead Vocal, Guitar, tin whistle, harmonica
Member of the Dubliners: 1962-1974

CiarŠn Bourke, one of the original Dubliners, was born on Dublin Feb 18th 1935. In the early 60's CiaŠn went busking, and bumped into Barney McKenna and Luke Kelly. He went to university, being the only scholar in the Dubliners, but left after a year. CiarŠn loved the Irish language, the drink and very soon his own family. In 1974, he got a brain haemmorage. He became ill on stage, and when CiarŠn ill, there had to something really bad. He got back on stage with the Dubliners for a short while, but collapsed again. Although it's a long time since he became ill, he was not, and will not be forgotten. His voice, tinwhistle- and harmonica-, along with his guitar playing was a very imporatant part of the Dubliners, although he kept in the background most of the time.
Those of you who have seen the Late Night Tribute to the Dubliners from 1987, will probably remember the very emotional moment when CiarŠn recited "the Lament for Brendan Behan". A year later, May 10th, CiarŠn died. Only his nearest family and closest friends, among them, the Dubliners, knew how he had suffered.

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