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Who: Barney McKenna
Born: December 16th 1939
Tenor banjo, mandolin, melodeon, vocals
Member of the Dubliners: 1962-

Barney - A man you don't meet every day Barney McKenna was born in Dublin on December 16th 1939. Barney started playing mandolin and fiddle at the age of 6, and went later on to play the melodeon and of course, the banjo. Already at 14, when he left school, his banjo-playing was so good that he had become an embarrasment to other musicians. Barney was widely considered as the best banjo-plyer in the world, and still rates among the very best. He is a natural musician, he doesn't read music, but rumours say he can play anything. When not touring, or playing, he spends a lot of time in his boat and with his pets.

Barney McKenna's solocontributions

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